Would you like little to take home some of our homemade items?
We sell our own homemade jam, granola, hot sauce, and chicken stock.

Come check ‘em out!

Lunch Specials for Friday May 27 in Downtown Oakland

Potato-cilantro soup

Arugula salad with roasted cauliflower, tuna, spiced raisins, and celery

Slow-cooked chicken with chard, chickpeas, and mushrooms

Homemade chocolate chip cookies

Lunch Specials for Thursday May 26 in Downtown Oakland

Roasted tomato soup

Crunchy salad with carrot, fennel, walnuts, hard-cooked egg, breadcrumbs, and mustard vinaigrette

Risotto with peas and mint

Homemade chocolate chip cookies

Lunch Specials for Wednesday May 25 in Downtown Oakland

Carrot-fennel soup

Arugula salad with asparagus, summer squash,, almonds, hard-cooked egg, and olive vinaigrette

Caffe 817 meatball SUB: pork meatballs braised in tomato sauce on a deli roll with mozzarella and Parmesan

Homemade chocolate chip cookies

Local artists showing at Caffe 817

We keep our walls vibrantly decorated with the works of local artists who have roots here in the Bay Area. For information about how to be a participating artist, please contact us. Our art shows rotate every two months and we are always on the lookout for new and inspiring art to adorn our walls.

To purchase a piece currently being shown at Caffe 817, please contact us.

Now Showing:

Vida Karamooz

Acrylic on Canvas

May-June 2016

Vida Karamooz artist portrait

Coming from my imagination, my paintings fall under abstract impressionist style category. Then again, they are alive as they carry part of my soul.  Painting is my silent sanctuary, a place of om, where I get lost in myself and connect to my inner being; a safe place far away from the past and the future.  Therefore, creating art has always been part of my life journey.

My paintings have evolved over time and are still constantly changing depending on where I am physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.   I allow them to take form without resistance or judgment.  They are what they are.

Born in Tehran, Iran, I obtained my Film and Television BA at Kent University in England, and continued with my Masters in Communications and PhD in  Organizational Development at Penn State.  My professional career includes working for Pfizer and Accenture.  In 2010, my husband and I relocated to Oakland from the east coast and started a botanical skin care product company called Blue Beautifly.

I am blessed with 2 adult children who have also moved to California.

In the upcoming months: