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We’re selling our own homemade jam, granola, and chicken stock.

Come check ‘em out and take some home.

Lunch Specials for Friday January 30 in Downtown Oakland

Cabbage, potato, and tomato soup with caraway 7.00

Arugula salad with blood oranges, fennel, olives, and Meyer lemon vinaigrette 9.75

Slow-cooked chicken with chickpeas, spinach, and harissa 10.75

Homemade chocolate chip cookie 2.50

Lunch Specials for Thursday January 29 in Downtown Oakland

Curried potato-cauliflower soup 7.00

Crunchy salad: Arugula, savoy cabbage, fennel, carrots, walnuts, and creamy Meyer lemon vinaigrette 9.75

Risotto with butternut squash, radicchio, and balsamic 10.75

Homemade chocolate chip cookie 2.50

Lunch Specials for Wednesday January 28 in Downtown Oakland

Lentil soup with chimichurri 7.00

Arugula salad with chicken, couscous, fennel, and spiced raisins 9.75

Caffe 817 meatballs: pork meatballs braised in tomato sauce over warm polenta 10.75

Homemade chocolate chip cookies 2.50

Lunch Specials for Tuesday January 27 in Downtown Oakland

Chicken and rice soup 7.00

Arugula salad with tuna, chickpeas, fennel, capers, and olives 9.75

House-made pastrami “reuben” with potato salad 11.50

Homemade chocolate chip cookie 2.50

Local artists showing at Caffe 817

We keep our walls vibrantly decorated with the works of local artists who have roots here in the Bay Area. For information about how to be a participating artist, please contact us. Our art shows rotate every two months and we are always on the lookout for new and inspiring art to adorn our walls.

To purchase a piece currently being shown at Caffe 817, please contact us.

Now Showing:

Gary Burgess


January-February 2015

artist Gary Burgess

The paintings in this exhibition involve the use of simple brush strokes that project a feeling of movement across the paper.  Color always plays a key role in my work, with each painting using multiple colors juxtaposed next to each other. There are the translucent qualities of aqua media in conjunction with the brush strokes that give a sense of depth and texture to the painting.  In terms of my process, I work rapidly so as to create a feeling of spontaneity in my work.  Finally, it is the random “accident” that is important to my process because it adds a sense of serendipity and surprise to each painting.

In the upcoming months:

Owen Brown

Drawings and Paintings

March-April 2015

We are drawn to stories, and story telling, so much that we find it difficult to luxuriate in a place without stories. Can we strengthen our understanding of the world beyond narrative? Use our imagination to pair ourselves with the fox in the wood, a moon of Jupiter, or the brief life of a cloud? Or just with silence?

 With these works I hope to find a deeper quiet.  The drawings are taken from my series “Unknown Numbers.”  The paintings are from the series “Antique Circassian Languages.”

I paint and draw, and live in San Francisco.

The drawings were done with prismacolor pencil, usually on Strathmore paper. The paintings are done with acrylic on gessoed cold press watercolor paper.