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We sell our own homemade jam, granola, hot sauce, and chicken stock.

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Lunch Specials for the week of December 5-9, 2016

Lunch Specials For the week of December 5-9, 2016
*some changes may occur due to availability

As always, our Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies are baked throughout the day!

Minestrone soup
Arugula and persimmon salad with walnuts, Parmesan ,and fennel
Porchetta sandwich with apples, arugula, fennel, and roasted potatoes

Chickpea and tomato soup with farro
Arugula and lentil salad with delicate squash, roasted carrots, and chimichurri
House-made pastrami “reuben” with potato salad

Caramelized onion and bread soup
Arugula and chicken salad with apples, Gruyere, and pecans
Caffe 817 meatballs: pork meatballs braised in tomato over polenta

Roasted kabocha squash soup
Crunchy salad with cabbage, arugula, carrots, fennel, hard-cooked egg, walnuts, and toasted breadcrumbs
Risotto with leeks and prosciutto

Winter squash and cabbage soup
Arugula and tuna salad with roasted cauliflower, celery, spiced raisins, and almonds
Slow-cooked chicken with mushrooms, kale, tomato, and chickpeas

Local artists showing at Caffe 817

We keep our walls vibrantly decorated with the works of local artists who have roots here in the Bay Area. For information about how to be a participating artist, please contact us. Our art shows rotate every two months and we are always on the lookout for new and inspiring art to adorn our walls.

To purchase a piece currently being shown at Caffe 817, please contact us.

Now Showing:

David Platford

November- December 2016

Artist: David Platford

The innovative fusion of nature and technology is my expression of the world today. At the Academy of Art University I studied the traditional and contemporary oil painting techniques and principles of Realism, Pop-Art, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Graphic Design, Street Art, and Eastern Aesthetics. Ultimately I went my own direction, developing a unique poetic visual language with paint. My inspiration comes from traveling to sacred places around the world, plein-air painting and observing the interaction of contrasting elements.

In the upcoming months:

Melanie Gravois

January-February 2017

Loss - Tiago Russo
Mother with Child 2008 15x 30x 2.5

Melanie Gravois, owner of The Artists Loft, is an artist of more than 20 years and currently lives in Oakland, California. Her focus is primarily in oil, but she also works in different mediums such as charcoal, watercolor and collage. She was privately trained in drawing and oil painting, and has been exploring different ways to capture the essence of life’s experience through her art. Over the years, her style has evolved from realism to abstract expressionism.

Ms. Gravois’ inspiration comes from living and traveling domestically and abroad. Her international and multi-cultural experience is translated into her own visual language. Her art reflects on the human condition and expression, the quiet contemplation of nature, or the global political socio-economic situations. Her paintings are a unique expression of her life and provide a window into what she was seeing or feeling at a particular moment in time. Each painting has its own story to tell, but is open for the viewer’s interpretation.

Ms. Gravois’ art is held in private collections throughout the United States.