here we are…

The last few days have been spent “settling” in to our new home, but we’re gearing up to reopen on March 30th.  We’ve been coming to eat at Caffe 817 for years and are thrilled to be part of its family.  We couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome from the neighborhood as a whole.  Thanks a million.

…And perhaps we should introduce ourselves.  I’m Emily, and this guy over here… is my husband Scott.  We’re the new owners of the cafe.  We’ve got a few decades of cooking under our belts and a few lifetimes of enthusiasm to go along with it.  You’ll find us at the Bay Area’s farmer’s markets every week finding inspiration and picking up “the goods” for next weeks menus.  We love to support the “local and sustainable” as often as we can, and have become good buddies with farmers from the surrounding Bay Area.  

When we’re not cooking or eating, we like to make lofty goals and big plans for fun excursions and messy projects.  So come take a look-see to see what we’re up to.  You’ll find us here!