Jam for Breakfast

There’s something about jam that just makes a person happy.  Good jam.  Homemade jam. Seasonally made jam.  Lick-your-knife jam.  And I’m part of that crowd.  Wholeheartedly!

I’ve started making jam for the Caffe from scratch.  I love the sight of empty mason jars waiting to be filled.  It is their destiny.  And who knew we’d plow through it so fast?  The jam pot seems to have a permanent spot on the stove now just so I can keep up.  Strawberry is the flavor of the moment and so far the berries have come from Swanton Berry Farm, Tomatero, Rodriguez Farms, and Rio de Parras.

And you know what I’m so happy about?  I’m happy that you’ve noticed!  Our Saturday brunch crowd comes back for seconds and thirds, and I love watching toddler-sized fingers swiping the jam-dishes clean.  With toast, with ham, with a croissant, with a spoon.

So if my jam starts your day off with a burst of sunshine, then I’ve done my job.  And that is what fulfills me.